A free Basic UNIX-training with muLinux

Description:  muLinux (µLinux) is fully configured, a minimalistic, application oriented little Linux Distribuntion from Michele Andreoli.
Author:Robert Warnke
ISBN: 3423050012   ISBN: 3423050012   ISBN: 3423050012   ISBN: 3423050012 
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A free Basic UNIX-training with muLinux

With one floppy, a PC 386 or higher and at least 8 MByte of RAM, everyone can learn Unix. Your hardisks are not needed, nor are they changed. This is possible by muLinux - the one floppy Linux distribution from Michele Andreoli (Italy). Copyleft

The English version of my tutorial is a translation of the German version. The German version is in progress - as same as this version. Sorry, but I do not have the time to do the translation.
Some chapters are translated by a translating program: http://store3.tripod.com/linux/contents.htm. Other chapters are translated by friendly volunteers: http://www.xs4all.nl/~mpfeifer/mulinux.
These days I am putting this version together.

General Information
Creating the muLinux Boot Disk
First Boot and Configuration

The First Unix Commands
Restart and Shutdown
The Directory Structure
Permissions and File Properties
Making and Deleting Directories
Access to Floppies
Copying, Moving, Renaming and Links
Redirecting In- and Output of Programs, Pipes
Searching and Finding of Files / to Prove the Filetypes
The Text Editor vi
Converting Textfiles Between DOS and Unix
Shell Variables
Easy Shell Scripts
Configurations Scripts, Dotfiles
Process Management
Archiving / Compressing
Special muLinux Programs
Access to CDROM Drives
Access to Hard Disk Partitions
Music and Sound
Automatic Execution of Programs
Network Introduction
The Internet
Activating the Webserver PYGMY
The WWW-Browser Quark
Making a Simple Website

Alphabetic Command Index

Tux More chapter comming soon.

Download this Site:

  • english.zip (24th Sep. 2001) - These are the English HTML files (sub folder english).
  • images.zip (20th Sep. 2001) - These are the files for the sub folder images.
  • mulinux-9r1b.tgz The disk image of the muLinux boot disk (sub folder files).
  • DOSTOOLS.ZIP DOS tools to make the boot disk with DOS/Windows (sub folder files).

Please make a new folder and then make a sub directory inside german, images and files. Decompress the zip-files in the sub directory. Load the file index.html from the folder english in your WWW-Browser. If you have technical questions, please contact the muLinux mailing list. You can find this an the muLinux website: http://sunsite.dk/mulinux http://rowa.giso.de/plan

Robert.Warnke@giso.de (copyleft) Robert Warnke, Berlin (Germany) - You can write me in English. | http://rowa.giso.de | translated by Robert Warnke corrected by Alex Wild
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